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Flexible chain control cable (PVC)

Product Description: MD-CT-YY Insulation:PVC Sheath:PVC
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Product Features

Technical parameters:


Test voltage:2000V/5min                                                 


Minimum bend radius:

Fixed installation: 5*d(Cable diameter)                    

Moving installation: 7.5*d(Cable diameter)


Product features:

Oil resistance:Ordinary 

Weather resistance:UV resistant, suitable indoor use

Retardant properties:Complied with IEC60332-1

Travel distance: travel distance less than 10meters overhead  application                                   

Overhead speed:2m/s                                     



1.Conductor: complies with class 6 of VDE 0295

2.Insulation: Special low viscosity PVC mixture

3.Fillers: Special tensile strengthen rope/core

4.Sheath:  Special low viscosity wear resistant PVC mixture.

5.Sheath color: Black Grey


** Represents the color of the conductor                                  

JZ; Yellow green + digital coding Code:01  OZ:Full digital coding Code:02   

JB:Yellow green + colors Code:03    OB: Full color core  Code:04 

Temperature range

Temperature range

Fixed installation: -25℃-70℃

Moving installation:-5℃-70℃

Application range

For medium load requirements
Recommended indoor applications
Particularly suitable for overhead applications
Woodworking machinery, stone processing equipment, packaging industry
Power supply connection in high-speed towline systems such as supply systems, conveyor systems, regulating equipment, laser cutting machines, engraving machines, etc.

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