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Torsional encoder robotic cable(PUR)

Product Description: RT-SR-12YCP-TP Insulation: TPE Sheath: PUR
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Product Details
Product details

Product features

Technical parameters:


Test voltage:1500V/5min           


Minimum bend radius:

Fixed installation:4 * d (cable diameter)                   

Moving installation:6.8 * d(cable diameter)


Product features:

Fixed installation -40℃-90℃

Moving installation:-25℃-90℃

Weather resistance:High resistance to UV

Oil resistance:Fully oil resistant, coolant resistant and scratch resistant

Chemical resistance:acid, alkali and hydrolytic microorganisms         

Retardant properties:compiled with IEC 60332-1

Maximum torsion speed: 180°/s

Maximum torsional acceleration:60°/s2

Twist: twists ±180°per 1meter cable length             



1.Conductor:Compiled with VDE 0295 class 6

2.Insulation:High mechanical properties TPE mixture

3. Fillers:Special tensile strengthen rope/core

4.Inner sheath:Special low viscosity PVC mixture

5.Shield:Tinned copper braid shield, Optical coverage reached 90%

6.Outer sheath:Special low viscosity wear resistant PUR mixture

7.Sheath color: Green   Black



** Represents the color of the conductor                                  

JZ; Yellow green + digital coding Code:01  OZ:Full digital coding Code:02   

JB:Yellow green + colors Code:03    OB: Full color core  Code:04

Application range

For extremely high loads with torsional motion
Outdoor applications for indoor and conventional sun radiation
Suitable for electrical connections in robotic arms and high-speed towline systems
Good torsion resistance and excellent bending resistance;
The inner sheath of the cable reduces the mechanical stress on the core wire, fixes the position of the core wire, makes the cable round and compact, and has a longer life.
When the tinned copper wire is shielded, the cable has strong resistance to external electromagnetic interference and ensures the stability of the cable system.
Excellent in oil resistance, abrasion resistance, hydrolysis resistance and chemical resistance;
Suitable for use in extremely demanding industrial environments.