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Underwater foaming robotic cable

Product Description: RT-FT-2-12YP 6808 Insulation: TPE Sheath: PUR
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Product Details
Product details

Product Features

Technical parameters:


Test voltage:1500V/5min

Minimum bend radius:

Fixed installation:5 * d (cable diameter)

Moving installation:6 * d (cable outer diameter) when the journey is<10 m                   



Conductor: Compiled with VDE 0295 class 6

Insulation: HDPE TPE

Fillers: Special tensile strengthen rope/core

Inner sheath: Buoyancy foam material

Outer sheath: Special anti-seawater material PUR/TPU

Sheath color: Blue  Yellow

Temperature range

Temperature range:

Fixed installation: -60℃-110℃

Moving installation:-50℃-110℃


Application areas:
1. Offshore petroleum project
2. Research and teaching of underwater organisms
3. Investigation of underwater archaeology and underwater shipwreck
4. Deepwater cage culture and artificial reef survey
5. Maritime salvage salvage, underwater evidence search
6. Nuclear power plant reactor, pipeline inspection, foreign object detection and removal
7. Inspection of water tanks and sewage pipelines of municipal drinking water systems